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We intend to try getting all Davis / Davies Family Trees to register with this web site.

How will we do that? Not sure just yet but with advice from an internet expert, I am sure we will find a way to keep the names of those that intend to register safe and confidential. In the long term we can form a club and have annual meetings in Australia & New Zealand. For security reasons we will only keep E mail addresses and Phone numbers

Presented by Ross Davis

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Tweed Heads† Aus: 2485


Davis Family Trees

There are many Davis descendants from England;† Wales, and Scotland.† Many men had two families. It was quite common for men to board a boat in New Zealand and go to ports in Australia, especially during the depressions† starting around 1900 through to the 19 40's. Grand fathers just disappeared on a boat never to make contact again with the first family they had in NZ or Aus. We have instances of men going from Auckland to Townsville , from Auckland to Sydney ,Melbourne or Brisbane. One Davis Family Migrated from† Hereford shire England to Auckland New Zealand and then some migrated to Melbourne† leaving† part of the family on both side of the Tasman. This family tree I have found , but I have decided to get a DNA of this Male line banked in the DNA bank in http://www.familytreedna.com/public/Davis† there are several Davis linages in Auckland. In my† case of Davis linage, the Grand father disappeared during the Depression around 19-00 / 24, from Feilding, in New Zealand. There was NO work, and men just abandoned there† families . There are many different stories of where they went. DNA testing and data banking the resulting DNA so they can be matched with Davis DNA that turns up from anywhere in the world will give a positive result as to where to start looking again for missing parts of your family. And take the family tree back to it roots maybe in Wales around the 1600's† as one tree already has. I have just found a Davis family with a† name spelling changed to† Davies† so if you are a Davies contact me please

What is a linage? Itís the Davis male line known as the Y-DNA† marker for your great ĖGreat grandfather on down through to your male Davis great- great grandsons. Many generations can now be traced by DNA back to there roots. This will prove that this

Davis linage is Genetically linked to

another Davis / Davies tree.

†Each Davis male passes down his† exclusive Davis DNA to all† the males in his linage.

Whatís the point of registering?