Davis Family Trees

George Charles Davis. That's the names we were given for our grandfather , One man in Auckland told me he had seen many men just walk up the gangway onto a ship, bribe the crew to stowaway, with a 5 pound note (10 dollars) (in the year 1900 that was a lot of money)

So we have to resort to a DNA search to find our Grandfather.

We have been told he was Australian ,from Sydney  Born 1870 . That he was a carpenter, Bridge builder ,this I can believe, because my Dad Christopher  V. K . Davis said he could adds * timber very well. He could make a rubbish piece of timber into a very good & valuable product.

So the carpenter bit of information is most likely Correct. Also there are a lot of Carpenters in the family now.

George Charles Davis

He went back to Sydney when he could not get  work in Feilding New Zealand. George  was born about 1870./ 1880.

He was in Fielding New Zealand  from 1903 to about 1923.  On limited time visits he never stayed, was the words from Chris my Dad

My father and his brothers confirmed that he was NEVER HOME

Said to have gone to Australia?

He suffered from Eye trouble in one Eye and that’s why he left New Zealand, to go to Australia to get his eye fixed.

That’s the story  Chris his eldest son said But we think this was a Face saving story to save embarrassment. The Family was not paying its bill at the grocery store and the credit was cut. Amy was said to be away for periods of time as well leaving the children to fend for them selves. About this time the authorities moved in and took the youngest  son and put him in an Orphanage at Masterton NZ

MY  Father C. V. K. Davis


So much that he never  allowed  his children to visit her.

At the end of the war about 1946/47 Amy arrived at Railway Rd east. Papakura at 8 pm one cold  frosty night and asked for a bed. Amy was given a sofa to sleep on and told, she was out in the morning before the children woke up. I delivered the NZ Morning Herald then and was always out of bed at 5.30am and Amy was in the kitchen . As I went into the Kitchen Dad showed her the front Door and Amy was about to go out when dad said “Oh this is your Grandmother” to me and made her leave there and then. What kind of Son does that with out good cause?

MY Father “Chris” was the eldest son and as such New what was going on, more so then his younger  Brothers.

My GUESS is dad knew more that he ever let on to his children

I often asked my Dad & Albert “Where is my Grandfather”?

One answer was . “He lives in Auckland” then as to say “  “oh”

“no he want to Sydney ”. The first answer was correct, BUT NOT the official Family story invented by my Dad, CVK Davis, known as Chris.

That’s My theory and it seems true as the research is proving.

George Charles Davis

Ross’s theory:

Based on the info we have so far: about (G)

1. He never married Amy: there is No  M. certificate:

2. He must have been married.?

3. Maybe from a family that lived close to

Amy’s when she was about 15 years. (1896)

4. She was a mistress and the relationship ended.

5. That’ what my Dad, Chris found out. ?


6. Her lover only turned up when he could make it.

7. This affair ceased  about 1936. Amy was 55 years.